How Do I Make My New Build Energy Efficient?

Building your dream home is one of the most exciting processes to go through in life, but with that follows many decisions!

From the light switches to tiles, to deciding on the perfect home heating system… the list is endless… with the help from Haven Home Solutions, you can gather expert advice on heating systems which would work best for your lifestyle and home!

We offer bespoke heating systems allowing you to heat your home 365 days of the year, sustainably, affordably, efficiently, and conveniently.

Eco-conscious homeowners making environmentally friendly choices are increasing with the government hoping that by 2050 the UK will meet the target of zero emissions coming from homes! Currently, UK homes account for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Through our ability to create bespoke heating systems for you and your new build, underfloor heating, renewable heating, boilers, and smart home technology are all possibilities to consider!

But first, let’s talk about heat pumps! Air Source heat pumps (ASHP) extract air from outside and turn it into hot air and water achieving all your heating needs! Air source heat pumps are energy efficient, easy to install, and approved in the Renewable Heating Incentive. ASHP requires little maintenance and upkeep and only needs a space outside, when speaking to construction companies this can be taken into consideration leaving you with the perfect space. The energy-efficient option will last 25 years and will save you a substantial amount of money a year.

Underfloor heating adds a luxurious feel to any room and perfect feature to include in your new build. The benefits of underfloor heating are endless but carry misconceptions, people believe they aren’t as eco-friendly since they cover a large amount of space!

This is a myth, while it is correct underfloor heating can cover a large amount of space because of this, the temperature can be lowered! With the temperature being lowered and the time taken to reach the desired degree dropped, energy bills will decrease as well! Underfloor heating emits cleaner air when compared to radiators, so, while saving the environment, you will also be making healthier choices for yourself!

A great benefit that underfloor heating carries, is that it can be powered by gas boiler alternatives e.g. ASHPs and biomass boilers! With these two products working simultaneously together your carbon footprint will drop dramatically.   

As mentioned in previous blogs smart home technology is becoming the way forward with clever heating solutions. We can design and install the smart home technology that will suit your needs perfectly. This will add a deluxe feel to any home with the controls being easy to follow and working efficiently resulting in energy bills dropping and supplying you with perfect heating 365 days of the year!

Considering, underfloor heating, smart home technology, ASHP, and biomass boilers will all make your home energy efficient but not only this, your home value will increase, a better working heating system makes for a more attractive home to future home buyers if this is something you decide to do!

So, if you’re building your dream home get in contact today and Haven Home Solutions will be able to provide advice and support while supplying you with the perfect bespoke heating system for you!