How can a new boiler improve my home value?

What if there was a way to improve your home value while saving money for your customers and helping the environment? Well… there is and the answer is a new boiler!

A new boiler could increase your home value by £9,000 making it the perfect investment to make when upgrading your home.

Boilers are eco-friendly

A new boiler is more eco-friendly and energy-efficient as well as an attractive attribute to have in any home. Energy-saving features are becoming an important factor in many people’s decision-making process, installing this ensures your home will be sure to stand out to potential renters.

Around 60% of household carbon emissions come from heating alone however, with a new boiler being installed, 1.92 tonnes of CO2 emissions could be reduced. Upgrading your central heating system to an A-rated boiler guarantees the customers will see a reduction in their energy bills with a saving of around £340 per year.

Allows for smart home technology

A new boiler installation opens the door for adding in smart home technology, as mentioned earlier, energy-efficient solutions are an amazing way to attract a large audience to your home. Smart home technology will once again boost your home value! This feature enables homeowners to easily regulate their heating all from their phone.

A new boiler will reduce the number of callouts a year

Haven are there for their customers 365 days of the year and we offer a 48-hour turnaround guarantee, however, a new home heating system will reduce the need for callouts, making it a lifesaver in the winter months. A boiler breaking will cause the homeowners unnecessary stress, which can easily be avoided by a modern boiler since it comes with a 10-year warranty. Reducing the number of callouts ultimately results in everyone’s lives being made so much easier and once again makes your home more attractive to potential renters.

At Haven, we offer our customers the perfect balance between sustainability, affordability, and convenience while supplying 365 days of heat. If you’re a property investor, building your dream home or looking to improve your home heating system, get in touch today and we will provide expert knowledge and bespoke heating systems.