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Are Air Source Heat Pumps The Way Forward?

Air Source Heat Pumps… Are they the way forward?

Air source heat pumps have the ability to absorb heat from the outside air into your home to provide warmth and hot water.

How does an Air Source Heat Pump work?

An Air Source Heat Pump absorbs energy from the outside air temperature, even with temperatures as low as -15 oc, and converts this into heat through the use of a compressor to keep your home warm!

An Air Source Heat Pump carries numerous different advantages which can completely transform your life.

What are the benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump?

Lower bills –

With the efficiency of an Air Source Heat Pump being significantly higher than a conventional boiler, energy bills can be dropped dramatically.

Eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

It was recently announced the RHI deadline has been extended to March 2022.

The RHI is a UK government scheme that encourages the use of renewable heating within domestic and commercial usage.

The incentive provides financial support to anyone who can demonstrate their works meet the following requirements:

– It must be within a certain type and size, to find out these measurements follow the link here:

– Live in England, Wales or Scotland.

– The appliance, in this case, an Air Source Heat Pump must be brand new.

Lowers Carbon Emissions

With the efficiency being so significant, an Air Source Heat Pump takes less time to reach the desired temperature, therefore bringing down carbon emissions helping make you and your home live a green and sustainable life.

Low maintenance

Not only is an Air Source Heat Pump eligible for the RHI but it also offers low maintenance!

After the easy installation, it requires very little attention and can last on average, around 20 years!

What’s not to love?

How can we help you?

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