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The Benefits Of A Biomass Boiler

The World is taking big steps towards a carbon-free society. With more and more people making the switch to eco-friendly alternatives. With eco-friendly industries on the rise, an example being the electric car industry. It got us thinking about the renewable heating sources we offer and the environmental benefits they have.

In this blog we’ll be focusing on Biomass Boilers and their benefits, both for the environment but also for you and your home. But firstly, do you know what a Biomass Boiler is?

A Biomass Boiler burns wood pellets, chips or logs to power central heating and hot water. They burn low carbon emission fuels and statistics have shown that they can help you save up to £880 per year when compared to an electric heating system. You could reduce your carbon emissions by up to 15.4 tonnes every year compared to a coal fired or electric storage heating system.

Benefits of a Biomass Boiler include:

Carbon Neutral

Biomass boilers are a carbon-neutral form of energy meaning that the same amount of CO2 that is released by burning biomass is later reabsorbed by growing plants. By being a carbon-neutral form of energy, biomass boilers are a fantastic way to lower your carbon footprint. With more people starting to become environmentally conscious, making the switch to Biomass is a great way to do your bit for the planet.

As Biomass Boilers use wood pellets to power them, they provide a sustainable way to put wood that is unsuitable for other industries to use, allowing you to stray away from harmful fossil fuels.

Financially Beneficial

As we mentioned earlier, statistics have shown that Biomass Boilers can save you up to £880 per year. This is due to the fact that the fuel source for Biomass boilers are low in cost with woodchips, pellets or logs being inexpensive to purchase when compared to their fossil fuel counterparts. This cheap fuel source makes Biomass an incredibly efficient and effective heat source.


Biomass boilers are extremely efficient, with the average biomass boiler running at around 90% efficiency. When compared to a traditional gas boiler, Biomass boilers are around 5-10% more efficient meaning that by purchasing a Biomass boiler, you’d not only be helping the environment, but also be paying for a more efficient product.

Despite Biomass boilers being efficient, there are multiple things that effect how efficiently it runs including the space in which the boiler is heating, the air flow around the boiler and the type of flue fitted. However, no matter how a Biomass Boiler is stored or fitted you can always guarantee they will provide an efficient service which leaves a traditional boiler in the dust!

In our eyes, these are the three main benefits of owning a Biomass boiler. Beyond these, there is a wider range of benefits however if we talked about them all you’d be here all day! If you own a Biomass Boiler, we’d love to know what your favourite benefits of owning one are.

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