How do I stay warm this winter while saving money?

Staying warm in winter is what everyone wants. If only it was that simple!

We want to help you so we have compiled some of our best tips to help stay warm, affordably this winter.

Firstly, installing Smart home technology is a key way to save yourself money.  This system allows for heating to be put on a timer, saving you both time and money through not having to worry about switching your heating on or off constantly! An efficient heating system shouldn’t take long to heat your home to a comfortable temperature meaning that your energy bills should remain low. If this isn’t the case, get in contact with Haven and one of our accredited engineers will be on hand to help you efficiently, affordably and conveniently.

Another tip for smart home technology which isn’t always thought of, is turning down the temperature of your heating. For convenience, by using smart home technology this can all be controlled from the touch of a button on your mobile phone. Studies have shown that turning down the temperature of your heating by as little as 1°C could be slashing your energy bills by 10%.

Purchasing a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) regulates the temperature that is being dispersed throughout the radiator. This allows for the radiators to emit an equal amount of heat, once again meaning they aren’t required to be on as long, and also allow for the choice of zoned heating. Householders can accordingly adjust the temperature from room to room easily by the use of a valve. This allows for energy-efficient money saving whilst also being easy to use and economical.

Finally, replacing your boiler is a must for everyone at some point, however, if you have owned your boiler for over 10 years, this should be your priority when wanting to improve your home heating system. However, your boiler might have endured an unexpected problem causing it to break early. With our 48-hour installation guarantee we will be able to get you back on the right path with your heating journey as soon as possible! A newly installed boiler will ensure your home is being heated quickly and sustainably, keeping energy bills low while providing you with warmth and comfort every day throughout the winter season.

Here at Haven, we provide you with the ability to have 365 days of peace of mind on top of a cosy home, no matter the season. If you’re worried about staying warm this winter, get in contact by phoning us on 01707 808 047 and we will be there for you!