The Benefits of Power Flushing

Benefits of power flushing

Have you ever heard of Heating System Flushing? Here at Haven we provide full power flush that removes any sludge or dirty water from your radiators and boilers.

Our clients see immediate results after a system flushing and can help to prolong the life of their boilers improving their whole home heating experience.

What is power flushing?

Before we delve into what the benefits that power flushing can bring, lets first cover what it actually is. A heating system flush is a process where water is sent around the central heating at speed, in this water are chemicals such as descaler and sludge breaker. With the combination of speed and chemicals, a power flush is carried out leaving with you an efficiently working heating system.


Lower heating bills are expected after a professional heating system flush has been carried out due to the improved heating efficiency. An effective heating system lowers bills as well as boosting home value.

Immediately after the power flushing, you’ll notice a better quality of heating and hot water being supplied all around the house. As well as noticing quicker heat up times and enhanced energy efficiency, whether you’re in an old house or new, a power flush is effective.

A professional power flush also reduces the likeliness of a boiler breakdown, reduces noises from the boiler, increases system lifespan and reliability.

Why should we perform a power flush?

A power flush always needs to be carried out by a trusted engineer who is Gas Safe registered. Performing the power flush process, yourself could potentially make your heating system worse, causing more of a pay out later down the line. Injuries could also occur when the chemicals are being used. So, get in contact today with one of the Haven team and we’ll get one of our knowledgeable engineers out to you within 24 hours, 365 days of year to help you have the most energy efficient heating system possible.